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We assist organizations in developing comprehensive cybersecurity plans and strategies tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Our planners work closely with stakeholders to align security initiatives with business goals, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.

Security Service

Security service providers conduct comprehensive assessments of potential risks and vulnerabilities to identify security gaps.

Data Privacy

Offer comprehensive assessments to evaluate clients' current data privacy practices and identify areas that require improvement.

Industry Certified

Industry certification enhances your organization's credibility and establishes trust among clients and partners.

24/7 Support

24/7 support teams are available to address customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance at any time of the day or night.



SPHERE DEFENSE SYSTEMS LLC is a cybersecurity company committed to providing advanced security solutions and services to protect organizations from evolving cyber threats. We perform thorough vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify weaknesses in systems, networks, and applications. 

Trusted by 2,880+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes.

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Access GSA 8a STARS III Website

Master Contract Number: 47QTCB21D0013
Sphere Defense Systems DUNS: 117615081
Sphere Defense Systems CAGE: 8PET9
STARS III Manager: Michael Echols
Email: mechols@maxcybersecurity.com
Phone: 1-202-499-6855
STARS III Mailbox: stars3@spheredefensesystems.com

Introduction to 8(a) STARS III

8(a) STARS III is a multiple-award indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity (MA-ID/IQ)
contract designed to provide federal agencies with innovative information technology (IT) service-based solutions from award – winning 8(a) small businesses.

Sphere Defense Systems (SDS), (Max Cybersecurity and Quantum Technology Group) is an 8(a) joint venture (JV) founded in 2020 combining the SBA-certified 8(a) corporation Max Cybersecurity LLC (Max Cyber), and Quantum Technology Group. (QTG), to provide the Federal Government with IT and cybersecurity support.


What We Offer

Cybersecurity Planning and Management

Our cybersecurity planning and management services are designed to provide you with a holistic approach to safeguarding your organization's digital infrastructure.

Modernization Internet Technology / Operational Technology

As a service provider specializing in the modernization of Internet Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), SDS provides the management support for complex projects.

Critical Infrastructure System Development and Management

We provide ongoing system monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance and availability of the critical infrastructure system.


SDS is led by former DHS Cybersecurity Director Mike Echols. Mr. Echols and many other top – notch professionals are ready to deliver quality services to your organization.

Sphere Defense systems was awarded the 8(a) Streamlined Technology…

Max Cybersecurity LLC and Quantum Technology Group united to form the JV – Sphere Defense Systems LLC. Sphere Defense Systems was awarded the 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resource for Services (STARS) III Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) – a/k/a “STARS III”, a Multiple Award, Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (MA-IDIQ) contract to provide information technology (IT) services and IT services-based solutions, which may include the integration of ancillary support which is necessary and integral to the IT services being acquired.
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What Client Says About Us

A Testimonial is effectively a review or recommendation from a client, letting other people know how our services benefitted them.

My social media account was hacked, and I had trouble verifying my identity with a company that does not have direct customer service. I must've reached out to ~20 tech companies. John was the only one who set up a meeting to discuss the problem. He followed up days later after reaching out to some contacts. Even though my problem eventually got solved by an automated process, I appreciate his thoughtful approach. I highly recommend John and his team.

Justin R.

These guys are amazing, they did the job in half a day! My PC crashed and I needed that fixed as well as my files backed up. I called John and he was very attentive, trying to figure out how to cater to my needs and had Michael call me in less than two hours. Michael was super informative and reliable, he provided a full quote and a turnaround time estimate. Daniel was courteous and punctual when picking up and dropping off my computer and external HDD.

Hilda S.

Rick has been keeping the computers in our office running smoothly for several years now, and we are always happy with the service he provides. Whether he is working remotely or coming in to the office to do a repair, he always gets the job done.

Jhon K.

They are easy to work with and work around our schedule. Most importantly, they communicate. We aren't kept in the dark and there is never a need to nag them to find out what is going on. We know what is going on with our tech because SPHERE DEFENSE SYSTEMS LLC makes sure of it. They handle everything from minor software issues to migrating our whole organization over to G Suite.

Zerlina V.

Meet The Expert

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